Import and Export Solutions for QuickBooks

QIntegrator automates the time consuming and error-prone process of typing in transactions into QuickBooks. Import from just about everything.

QIntegrator also exports data from QuickBooks.

QIntegrator includes Get-Me-Going support. You buy it and we connect to your machine remotely, install, and configure one import (or export) solution to meet your needs and. Once we set it up for you all you have to do is click a button.

Easy to Get Going.

Easy To Get Going

QIntegrator makes transferring data to and from QuickBooks easy. Get-Me-Going support means we install QIntegrator and configure one solution template for you. Then importing is a easy as running QIntegrator and pressing the import button. QIntegrator also imports and exports from QuickBooks Online Edition and QuickBooks POS.

Saves Time.

Saves Time

Stop the time consuming and error-prone process of typing in transactions. QIntegrator imports about 100 transactions per minute. Transactions (Invoices, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders) are imported using QuickBooks protocol ensuring that data is entered correctly with the same checks and balances as if you typed into QuickBooks.



QIntegrator transfers in-and-out of virtually all the transaction types and lists in QuickBooks. A full set of powerful features provides for rules, custom translations, defaults, and preventing duplicate transactions. Solutions are customized to work with your QuickBooks items, accounts and classes. Solutions are designed to fit your needs.



QIntegrator can pull data from just about any data source or file. Popular applications like Excel, Access, most shopping carts, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, Authorize.net, EDI, EDP systems, SQL Database, CSV Files, Magento, Google Docs, GoldMine and other providers. If we don’t have a direct link with your data provider we can often create one.

Get QIntegrator Working For You Today!

Save $100 now on QIntegrator and a 2-Year Support Contract. Regualar price: $699.00 Buy now for $599.00. Includes Remote Installation and Get-Me-Going support to configure one solution template and instructions on how to Import into and Export from QuickBooks.